Fri­day’s found­lings: More than you ever wanted to know about Snow­flakes includ­ing some incred­ible images and movies — reviews the new Ubuntu release; Edgy Eft. — Review: Ubuntu Edgy is nice, but not so edgy Tech­nor­ati Tags: Fri­day, Web, Snow­flakes, Snow, Cold

What’s really happening on your computer?

I just read this fas­cin­at­ing art­icle on eWeek about the cur­rent state of the war on Bot­Nets. Short story: We’re los­ing Long view: It’s a tough battle. and we will have trouble win­ning. Some­time soon I’ll list a few of tools I use to help pro­tect my com­puters. But remem­ber, as my recent rebuilds have […]


A new ver­sion of my favor­ite free oper­at­ing sys­tem has just been released. Check out the new fea­tures and updates to Ubuntu here, then down­load it and break free of the Win­dows desktop, when you can (some­times you really do need Win­dows, but not for everything). I’ve been using Ubuntu on my laptop and my […]

Firefox 2.0 — get it.

Once again the Fire­fox devel­op­ment team have released a pol­ished pack­age in this 2.0 release. I’ve only been work­ing with it for maybe an hour, but some of the new fea­tures (Spellcheck on Forms!!) already make it a win­ner. It’s not pos­ted on the page yet, but you can down­load it here, via FTP.  […]

Quickie — Searchmash

Cool! It looks like Google is exper­i­ment­ing with new fea­tures and options, in it’s own new sand­box; Check out the list of fea­tures. It won’t replace my cur­rent Google search, but I will try it from time to time, just to see what’s dif­fer­ent. To quote the Pri­vacy Policy: Search­Mash is a web­site oper­ated […]