How I’m preparing for the new Star Wars movie.

I’m set. We have evening tickets in the swanky-wide-butt seats at the local omniplex.

But, I want to revisit the story line prior to the event. So, off to watch the six previous movies I go.

Or do I?

This post in a local fan group on Facebook has me thinking… do I need to see them all in the order they were created?

“You watch new hope, watch empire, GO BACK and skip phantom menace because it is garbage, watch clone, watch revenge, then finish with return”

OK, interesting idea. Switch up the order a bit and nuke the Phantom Menace. Sounds like a plan.

And another response mentions making sure to watch the Despecialized versions if available. Here’s a mini-documentary on the creation of these versions:

Because, frankly, too many changes (not for the better) were made to the various versions through the years. I want to live in a universe where Han shot first 🙂

Card Hunter becomes Loot & Legends and now available for iPad

I’ve been playing this cool D&D-like game on the PC for a while now, and am quite happy to see it on the iPad.

Card Hunter Loot & Legends has a very old-school feel to it, including some ‘unusual’ commentary from the Dungeon Master.

It’s a free app, with in-app purchases for additional characters, etc. Worth the download.

Testing a new plugin suite – Shortcake Bakery

Shortcake Bakery uses the Shortcake plugin and extends use of WordPress shortcodes. Makes embedding content in my blog pretty easy.


[facebook url=””]

The above video link from Facebook via the Shortcake Bakery.

Last week, Daniel Bachhuber and the engineering team at Fusion releasedShortcake Bakery, a plugin that extends the Shortcake project to supply a suite of handy shortcodes for publishers. The plugin currently includes the following:

  • Image Comparison (powered by JuxtaposeJS)
  • Facebook embeds
  • iFrames (require whitelisted hostnames)
  • Infogram embeds
  • PDF’s (powered by PDF.js)
  • Playbuzz embeds
  • Rap Genius annotations
  • Scribd embeds
  • Scripts (require whitelisted hostnames)

Plugin writeup and detail found here.

Any landing you can walk away from…

Many of you will know that in my (admittedly rare) massively multiplayer computer gaming time, I’ve moved away from World of Tanks to WarThunder.

Similar concept except instead of driving tanks, you’re driving planes. Cool thing is they’ve got three levels of sophistication (Arcade, Realistic, Simulator). Also cool, that Arcade is actually quite tough.

WarThunder an evolution of the Wings of Prey / IL Stormivik style of combat flight sims. Accessible, detailed and sophisticated.

Also fun. Here’s a little action from a few nights ago where I had my clown car out for a ride, was soundly bounced, yet managed to land along a dirt road in the bush. Go figure 😀