How I’m preparing for the new Star Wars movie.

I’m set. We have even­ing tick­ets in the swanky-wide-butt seats at the loc­al omni­plex.

But, I want to revis­it the story line pri­or to the event. So, off to watch the six pre­vi­ous movies I go.

Or do I?

This post in a loc­al fan group on Face­book has me think­ing… do I need to see them all in the order they were cre­ated?

You watch new hope, watch empire, GO BACK and skip phantom men­ace because it is garbage, watch clone, watch revenge, then fin­ish with return”

OK, inter­est­ing idea. Switch up the order a bit and nuke the Phantom Men­ace. Sounds like a plan.

And anoth­er response men­tions mak­ing sure to watch the Des­pe­cial­ized ver­sions if avail­able. Here’s a mini-doc­u­ment­ary on the cre­ation of these ver­sions:

Because, frankly, too many changes (not for the bet­ter) were made to the vari­ous ver­sions through the years. I want to live in a uni­verse where Han shot first 🙂

Testing a new plugin suite — Shortcake Bakery

Short­cake Bakery uses the Short­cake plu­gin and extends use of Word­Press short­codes. Makes embed­ding con­tent in my blog pretty easy.


[face­book url=“”]

The above video link from Face­book via the Short­cake Bakery.

Last week, Daniel Bach­huber and the engin­eer­ing team at Fusion releasedShort­cake Bakery, a plu­gin that extends the Short­cake pro­ject to sup­ply a suite of handy short­codes for pub­lish­ers. The plu­gin cur­rently includes the fol­low­ing:

  • Image Com­par­is­on (powered by Jux­ta­poseJS)
  • Face­book embeds
  • iFrames (require whitel­is­ted host­names)
  • Infogram embeds
  • PDF’s (powered by PDF.js)
  • Play­buzz embeds
  • Rap Geni­us annota­tions
  • Scribd embeds
  • Scripts (require whitel­is­ted host­names)

Plu­gin writeup and detail found here.

Any landing you can walk away from…

Many of you will know that in my (admit­tedly rare) massively mul­ti­play­er com­puter gam­ing time, I’ve moved away from World of Tanks to WarThun­der.

Sim­il­ar concept except instead of driv­ing tanks, you’re driv­ing planes. Cool thing is they’ve got three levels of soph­ist­ic­a­tion (Arcade, Real­ist­ic, Sim­u­lat­or). Also cool, that Arcade is actu­ally quite tough.

WarThun­der an evol­u­tion of the Wings of Prey / IL Storm­ivik style of com­bat flight sims. Access­ible, detailed and soph­ist­ic­ated.

Also fun. Here’s a little action from a few nights ago where I had my clown car out for a ride, was soundly bounced, yet man­aged to land along a dirt road in the bush. Go fig­ure 😀