Got Joost? I do, and I hope to be writing about it soon…

Like so many oth­er pop-tech folk, I imme­di­ately jumped on The Venice Pro­ject (they’ve since changed the name to Joost) site when it became clear that this was a TV for the inter­net pro­ject by the same folks who are chan­ging the rules for inter­net tele­phony; Skype. My beta test invit­a­tion arrived today, so that […]

Thoughts: Your Personal Computing Environment will affect your career.

I was read­ing an edit­or­i­al by Scot Petersen in last week’s eWeek (it’s not pos­ted online yet, but when it is, it’ll be here) and came across the concept of Per­son­al Com­put­ing Envir­on­ments (PCE). The art­icle began to dis­cuss con­sumer technology’s impact on inform­a­tion tech­no­logy in the work­place as Gen Y ‘digit­al nat­ives’ expect access […]