Latest Ubuntu release unleashes my laptop

As some of you may know, my house­hold serv­er and my age­ing Com­paq Pres­ario R3230CA laptop both run Ubuntu. Well ima­gine my sur­prise when the latest upgrade to Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty Fawn) activ­ated the dormant WiFi hard­ware. Pre­vi­ous Ubuntu ver­sions didn’t sup­port the Broad­com 802.11g wire­less, but judging from my happy res­ults, the Feisty Fawn release does!


I’d been keep­ing Win­dows on the sys­tem to sup­port my WiFi, but now, I can actu­ally nuke it and run this puppy purely on Ubuntu. Sounds like an inter­est­ing exper­i­ment.

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Vista? Not on my desktop, thank you.

Hur­ray! Vista is released. Now we can all get back to doing whatever we were doing pre­vi­ously. Hype aside, I’m not excited about this release, for the fol­low­ing reas­ons;

  • My desktop, laptop and serv­er aren’t ‘Vista Ready’,
  • I’m not going to invest to upgrade (my com­puters do what I need them to cur­rently),
  • I run Ubuntu and XP, dual boot,
  • My media centres are first-gen­er­a­tion Xboxes,
  • I don’t feel like being an unpaid beta-test­er for Microsoft (I may be in a pos­i­tion to acquire a new com­puter with Vista when SP1 is released — as you know it will be),
  • Much of my exist­ing soft­ware is not cur­rently Vista com­pat­ible — I’ll have to upgrade to new­er ver­sions, yet anoth­er pain I don’t need.
  • Hard­ware drivers — I’ll have to upgrade to new­er ver­sions, if they exist (or wait until they’re made), or toast my hard­ware invest­ment (joy­stick, game pad, scan­ner, printer…etc), yet anoth­er pain I don’t need.

And here’s a few news art­icles about the vista release and launch, should you need more reas­on to wait:

…and finally:

***UPDATE*** Mar. 23, ’09 Well, Vista came pre­in­stalled on my new laptop. I’ve been using it for a few months, and am con­vinced it’s slower that the laptop could be. I’m con­sid­er­ing a dual boot XP/Vista…just to veri­fy it. Stay tuned, I’ll post about it if I go that way

Freelancer Trial Version

a snap­shot review by Brad Gri­er

FreeL­an­cer hails from a very rich lin­eage of games. Élite, the old Atari/Apple/Amiga clas­sic, is prob­ably the closest and earli­est example of a game of this type — being a fairly rich space-com­bat-trad­ing-ship-build­ing-RPG style of game. Élite was one of the first that offered a 3d exper­i­ence, albeit wire frame — you had to use your ima­gin­a­tion a bit.

elite_1.jpgFreeL­an­cer is Digit­al Anvil’s take on Élite and it’s brethren. You get cool ships. You get to fly from plan­et to plan­et using very funky space lanes. You get to blow things up in a future uni­verse that’s chock full of people and places — and there’s lots of dif­fer­ent things going on. You are not the focus of this uni­verse, but what you accom­plish does have an impact. Check out Microsoft’s site for the offi­cial back­ground.

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