Stealthy hacker dons a white hat

The Globe and Mail — Busi­ness Sec­tion July 1st, 1999 — 1450 words Brad Gri­er — in Cal­gary Bri­an Lynch looked like any oth­er exec­ut­ive as he flew to his next busi­ness meet­ing, typ­ing notes on his laptop and fin­ish­ing off yet anoth­er memo. But the papers in the clean-cut young man’s carry-on told a […]

PHOSPHOR PEDOPHILES (The New Evil of the Electronic Age)

The Globe & Mail — Tech­no­logy Novem­ber 1999 — 2080 words “Do you want to see some pic­tures? Some fun and naughty ones?”. Before Patty73 could reply, anoth­er line appeared; “Erin19 is a 19/f look­ing for some cute young girls to trade self-nudes and more…Msg Me”. Then anoth­er ” GOTO for 100% free porn, […]

A Working Vacation?

Nation­al Post Vaca­tion Art­icle May 8th, 2003 Brad Gri­er Breath deeply. Savour. That won­der­ful scent on the breeze is the smell of Hol­i­day Sea­son “ the peri­od of time between the May and Septem­ber long week­ends when col­leagues and co-work­ers juggle sched­ules, meet­ings and work­flow to ensure that come Thursday after­noon the work week is […]