Macintosh Java malware has mutated!

Over the last few weeks we’ve read that hun­dreds of thou­sands of Apple Macin­tosh com­puters run­ning OSX have become infec­ted with the Flash­back tro­jan, which is a type of vir­us that could, through a hole in Java secur­ity, infect your Mac and con­nect it to a bot­net of over half a mil­lion oth­er Macs. And we’ve also read […]

Back to School 101: Security Software

Sum­mer­’s almost over and if you’ve got a stu­dent in your fam­ily, it’s time to start think­ing about prep­ping their com­puter to safely return to Hog­worts school. Prop­er com­puter secur­ity is a defens­ive game. You want to build pro­cesses (both soft­ware and beha­vi­our­al) that encase your com­put­ing envir­on­ment in a series of pro­tect­ive shells, pro­tect­ing […]

Libraries are dead. Long live the Librarian!

I love it when coin­cid­ence and syn­ergy lead to a blog post, this post in fact. In a post earli­er this week, Seth God­in lead us through the his­tory of the Lib­rary and the Lib­rar­i­an. In his post, he even­tu­ally settled on the some­what alarm­ing concept that the Lib­rary was basic­ally dead: Wiki­pe­dia and the […]