It’s time to go back to the moon

I can­’t say it bet­ter, so I’ll quote: Because it’s the 38th anniversary of the moon land­ing, that’s why. 38 damn years, people. There ought to be a Star­bucks up on the moon by now, and a bunch of tour­ists exper­i­en­cing the chal­lenge of sip­ping a vente latte in one sixth G. …John Scalzi Tech­nor­ati […]

Online backup one of Time’s top 50 websites for 2007

Odds are, if you’re read­ing this, you’ll have read one of my pre­vi­ous art­icles about Mozy, a free (and sub­scrip­tion based) online backup ser­vice. Well, Time magazine has selec­ted Mozy as one of their top 50 web­sites for this year. Now, which pos­i­tion is actu­ally up to you and me. You see, Time has this […]

Movie Piracy: Blame Canada vs the Truth

Once again it seems that Cana­dian atti­tudes toward Digit­al Rights Man­age­ment, Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty, and Copy­right are the tar­gets of Big Media. Warner Bros. Pic­tures issued a release today that states, among oth­er things: Frus­trated with unau­thor­ized cam­cord­ing of its new releases in Cana­dian cinemas, the stu­dio said it will imme­di­ately halt all “pro­mo­tion­al and word-of-mouth […]

When do you own the gear you buy?

Two art­icles recently crossed my desk: Con­tent in lock­down — Tom Yager, I’m increas­ingly aghast at the erosion of the tra­di­tion­al free­dom we’ve enjoyed to do whatever we please with our per­son­al com­puters — but intrigued by the sci­ence behind it. Your Right to Repair — CAA Driver­’s Seat Ima­gine tak­ing your vehicle to […]

Free Gmail Invites

Looks like Google has freed up some more Gmail invites — so here ye be — 6 spanky new gmail invtes to the first 6 5 0 folk (1 per per­son, please) to email a request to: ** UPDATE ** Sorry, all invites are now taken. Source: Tech­nor­ati Tags: Gmail, email, google, mail, […]