Gadget and Claire

This week’s Weekly­Beats cre­ation — I had no idea what I’d be doing this week. Then Korg went and released the cool Gad­get app for the iPad and I knew I’d be using it.

A few hours later, some futz­ing around in Gar­age­Band for the drumkit, gui­tars and mix, and it’s done. Thanks to my drum­mer ‘Ian’ — though I think he kinda steals the show in a couple of places.

Now, I have to learn how to make some­thing longer than a minute and a bit…

Experiment in Atmospherice

Week Three
Well, I was dis­ap­poin­ted that I didn’t have more time for my third (weekly) sub­mis­sion to Weekly­Beats — but it’s my own fault that I let my time get away from me this week.

In the time I had, I man­aged to stitch togeth­er a few tracks and make a sal­vage­able attempt at an atmo­spher­ic bit. Per­haps some­thing that would work as a back­ground track to movie cred­its or a video game mood set­ter.

Any­way, give it a listen and I’d appre­ci­ate your feed­back.

And you can review all my tracks here — at my Weekly­Beats page.


The latest image for an upcom­ing com­pos­i­tion exer­cise with Weekly­Beats. It’s fun to make the music AND envi­sion an album cov­er for the tune. Image cap­tured with my iPhone and edited with my iPad.

Flight­line should be is live on the site Janu­ary 12th around 5pm MST now.

WeeklyBeats — a year long project

Over the last few years I’ve been try­ing to learn more about music pro­duc­tion. This has been an on/off interest of mine with real motiv­a­tion driv­ing me toward any learn­ing struc­ture. Last week that changed.

I found — a web­site that encour­ages you to pro­duce — any type of music — one cut per week, and upload it. That’s it. No com­pet­i­tion, just the know­ledge that you’ve man­aged to turn out one piece of music for that week. Which in my case, is more than I’ve done in the past 6 months :D. Also there’s the poten­tial for some encour­aging feed­back.

Yes it’s an arti­fi­cial dead­line, but it’s a dead­line, and a com­mit­ment. Some­how those two man­age to drive me to res­ults. And with that segue, here’s my first com­pos­i­tion of the year; In the Gar­age.

The goal of this one is to start a found­a­tion for a pro­duc­tion work­flow. I used Gar­age­Band on the Mac­Book Pro to record/edit and sounds came from my iPad — Propellerhead’s Thor synth, and Novation’s Launch­Pad app.

This one’s pretty simple, but yes, your thoughts and feed­back are wel­come.