Quartet on iPad — Sweet Dream [Video]

Happy Fri­day! Found this earli­er in the week and decided it’d be per­fect for my cur­rent fas­cin­a­tion with iPad music apps. Four musi­cians play­ing amp­li­fied iPads as a quar­tet. Quite nice! The iPad Orches­tra from Alex Shpil on Vimeo. Oh, and the app they’re play­ing is Seline HD — I’ve not checked it out yet, […]

i(pad) of the Tiger [video]

This video made the rounds earli­er this week but was (I thought) cool enough to hang out here too. Remake of Sur­viv­or’s clas­sic Eye of the Tiger, with all the instru­ments replaced by their digit­al coun­ter­parts liv­ing with­in the Apple iPad App eco­sys­tem. ipad + “Eye of the Tiger” from Jordan Hol­lender on Vimeo.

Confirmed: Millions of hours lost due to Pac Man

It looks like someone tired of play­ing Pac Man and decided to try and cal­cu­late how many hours of lost time could be attrib­uted to that ’80s arcade clas­sic reima­gined by Google: This week­end, we took a hard look at Pac-Man D‑Day and com­pared it with pre­vi­ous Fri­days (before and After Google’s recent redesign) and […]

World’s workforce suffers huge productivity loss due to Google

Earli­er today Google decided to see how much it could influ­ence the eco­nomy and pro­ductiv­ity of first and second world nations by unleash­ing a vir­al online attack against Inter­­net-con­­nec­ted office work­ers world wide. Ostens­ibly pro­moted as a 30 year anniversary of a clas­sic video game, Google is, in real­ity, bring­ing work­place activ­ity to a crawl. In […]

Damn those are pretty…

Earli­er this week NASA release the first series of images from the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Sur­vey Explorer) project…and they are hot! Since WISE began its scan of the entire sky in infrared light on Jan. 14, the space tele­scope has beamed back more than a quarter of a mil­lion raw, infrared images. Four new, pro­cessed […]