First 2nd-to-find :-)

Yep, anoth­er trek up Knox Moun­tain in Kelowna found us find­ing a NEW cache, The Christ­mas Knox Moun­tain Cache.

Check the log for more details but this was a first for us too — our first Travel Bug, now to get the little bug­ger on his way¦

Yes­ter­day we bagged to oth­ers, the ever elu­sive Mom’s East­er Cache — we tried this one in the sum­mer but the lush foliage thwarted us. This time there appears to have been extens­ive log­ging, much saw­dust, many stumps and logs, that made it easi­er. I hope the loc­a­tion survives¦this is a fun one.

The second we found (actu­ally the first of the day) was anoth­er in the same park — Kelowna. a good find in a neat area.

Out for more tomor­row.

Another cool concept in caching…moving caches! What a feast!

You nev­er know what you’ll find while surf­ing cach­ing sites. Here’s a great concept I can’t wait to see developed in the Edmon­ton area; Mov­ing Caches!

Are you nev­er first to find at a cache? Well that all ends now! If you?re fast enough you will be FTF on our caches! Yes it?s true that you may not be quite as fast as you thought, and find only some flag­ging tape where a cache should be, but sure enough, a day or two later it will show up some­where again ready for you to dis­cov­er its secret loc­a­tion.

Game, Set, Cache! is a mov­ing cache for the East­ern Fraser Val­ley area. It is a 350ml Lock’n’Lock con­tain­er with a roll of flag­ging tape, log book, sharpen­er, and pen­cil (and per­haps some­thing spe­cial for the FTF!). There are no trad­ing items in this cache. When you find it, tear off a piece of flag­ging tape from the roll and fix it to some­thing where the cache was loc­ated. Remove the cache, post the find here, rehide it else­where, and then update the new loc­a­tion. The rules for the cache can be found by click­ing on the link below and under the Gen­er­al Rules for the Mov­ing Cache Game.


Networking — what’s it all about…

Here I am, look­ing through my port­fo­lio of work, and I notice that I don’t have any­thing that rep­res­ents any radio work. So I think to myself, “Self, what can we do about this.” Self says, “Well, since you’re learn­ing quite a bit about net­work­ing as you devel­op this new career, why not do an item on Net­work­ing?”. Self is a pretty smart guy, some­times. So, here it is, in MP3 format, my (just under) 3-minute item on Net­work­ing. Com­ments?? You know where to post ‘em.The full text is in the exten­ded entry…below

Con­tin­ue read­ing “Net­work­ing — what’s it all about…”

Hello there…

Wow, my first post on an ancient blog:, which you can find at

March 05, 2003

Hello there…

Wow, after play­ing with a very cranky serv­er, read­ing a whole swack of online doc­u­ment­a­tion, and swear­ing a lot…I stumbled upon this excel­lent tutori­al. Now to fig­ure out tem­plates.

Pos­ted by Brad Gri­er at March 5, 2003 10:30 PM

I grabbed this post and dumped it into the blog so I can find it again some day 🙂