For 3d Printing, Levelling the Bed is Finicky


So a week or so ago I tweaked some­thing on my print­er. Maybe it was ini­tial lay­er height. Maybe I adjus­ted a bed screw. Not sure, but all of a sud­den my prints wouldn’t stick to the bed prop­erly.

Using the ‘paper drag’ meth­od of bed lev­el­ling ‘sort of’ worked. But it really was tri­al and error and very small changes in adjust­ment that seem to be work­ing.

Prints are, once again, print­ing. Yay. #frus­trat­ing




3d printing small board game accessories

Boardgame bits funnel tray - holding Fate and Honour tokens from Legend of the Five Rings (2017).
Boardgame bits fun­nel trays — hold­ing Fate and Hon­our tokens from Legend of the Five Rings (2017).

I’m really happy when I can com­bine two of my hob­bies. This time it’s Boardgam­ing and 3d Print­ing.

Often, many games have tokens or chits that are pooled for play­ers to take at dif­fer­ent times dur­ing play.  Usu­ally, these sit in piles around the main game area.

On Thingi­verse, swholmstead shared this neat design — which I promptly down­loaded and prin­ted.

From: Stack­able Game Bits Fun­nel Tray by swholmstead, pub­lished Oct 3, 2017

Super Effect­ive! Keep­ing the game table neat and tidy.

3d Printing Terrain for Dungeons & Dragons


Pretty cool what a little time, 3d Print­ing tech­no­logy, some cre­at­ive design work, and a spool of PLA will get you.

I’ve been test­ing vari­ous dun­geon com­pon­ents to see how well they’ll work with our play style. And how good they’ll look once painted and fin­ished.

Unfinished Crates

The crates above have yet to be fin­ished. Usu­ally, I prime them with Flat Grey, then col­our, light­en or darken as neces­sary. This example also uses short walls, allow­ing us to see the con­tents of the room from any­where on the table.


If you’re inter­ested, I’ve been keep­ing all the land­scape and ter­rain designs I find on Thingi­verse in this col­lec­tion.

3d Printing some feet to display photos on my desktop

We had these ugly plate-stand style photo stands for some alu­min­um photo prints. Had that ‘wrought-iron’ look. Totally not suit­able for a very white shot of our dogs. 3d Print­ing to the res­cue.

Then I found these simple ‘feet’ on Thingi­verse — a per­fect solu­tion.

I prin­ted off one batch, but had a bit of a flash­ing issue inside the front of one clip caus­ing the clip to break along a print seam.

Simple solu­tion, rotate the clip 90 degrees, caus­ing the print seams to be ver­tic­al rather than hori­zont­al.

Photo stand 1

Installed photo standClean look

Photo by bgri­er

Lazy Long Weekend Project

About five years ago, we got a cute little R-Pod 173T.  It’s a trail­er with a pop-out tent to extend the intern­al liv­ing area by about 36 sq. ft.


Very cute and just the right size to be towed by our Santa Fe.


A couple of years ago, my very patient wife sug­ges­ted we remove the sofa to make more room inside. (not my photo — found on the tubes)

Bril­liant! Awe­some to have more space.

But what to do with the couch (sofa)?

She sug­ges­ted we (I) fig­ure out a way to use it in our Gar­age-Jang.

Garage / training room.

Of course, I over ana­lyzed it. Here’s my pro­ject sketches to prove it.



Fast for­ward to 3 years later. Yes, it’s done.


And per­haps I over-engin­eered it a bit. (ser­i­ously. 2x6??)



I don’t care. It’s done. It’s sol­id, and it’s actu­ally com­fort­able.

Long Week­end Win!


More progress on painting Alien Frontiers Field Generators


AlienFrontiersFieldGenerator_WIP_2Wow, when you take pho­tos of painted mini­atures, the pho­tos always catch all the rough paint-work and oth­er issues, mak­ing the minis look like crap 😀

Ah well, since these Ali­en Fron­ti­ers field gen­er­at­ors are meant to be played with and not put on a shelf and admired, I’m not too con­cerned.

One done, one in pro­gress and one primed and ready to go.

AlienFrontiersFieldGenerator_WIP_1The orange one’s inter­est­ing. I bought the Ali­en Fron­ti­ers Upgrade Pack. It included a lot of the new colony com­pon­ents, and these field gen­er­at­or com­pon­ents. It’s meant to upgrade the more gen­er­ic ones from earli­er Ali­en Fron­ti­ers gen­er­at­ors.

AlienFrontiersFieldGenerator_WIP_3So this one came without one of the gen­er­at­or arms attached. After filling out a form and upload­ing a photo of the flawed com­pon­ent, Game Salute, the dis­trib­ut­or sent along a replace­ment (it’s the unpainted one in the back­ground).

In the mean­time, I’d decided to paint this one any­way, and am going to turn that gap where the arm mounts into a dock­ing port. I think I’ll be adding yel­low and black ‘alert’ lines around it. We’ll see how that goes.

Then, finally, I think I’ll likely give them a final spray of Test­ors Dul­coat, just to elim­in­ate the shine. I like the way it helps bring out subtle detail and gives them a more ‘real­ist­ic’ look. Must be a per­son­al taste thing developed back in the day when I painted plastic mod­els.