Use Web 2.0 tools to save time and be more productive

photo cred­it: ASur­roca For a while I’ve been using a few Web 2.0 applic­a­tions that, on their own, are great, but when when partnered with oth­er Web 2.0 apps, become super­star effi­ciency optim­izers. The applic­a­tions Con­sider Jott, IWant­Sandy, and Twit­ter. Jott is a voice to text applic­a­tion. You call a free num­ber, say your mes­sage, […]

From the ‘so simple why didn’t I think of it’ category

A friend of mine poin­ted me to this bril­liant post (via iPhone Cent­ral) The concept is simple; Scan the front and back of all your bar­coded mem­ber­ship cards, and carry them around in your iPhone. To test it out I went to the loc­al hard­ware store and asked the girl behind the counter if she […]

Fast, free and effective Palm Pilot backup with NVBackup

Earli­er this morn­ing I had des­paired; my Palm Pilot had fallen and could­n’t get up. It had crashed. Hard. I had to force a Hard Reset to even get it back to the fact­ory default con­di­tion. I’d lost my ebooks, sched­ule, con­tacts, everything. Sure, it was backed up on my com­puter, in a backup folder, […]