Any landing you can walk away from…

Many of you will know that in my (admittedly rare) massively multiplayer computer gaming time, I’ve moved away from World of Tanks to WarThunder.

Similar concept except instead of driving tanks, you’re driving planes. Cool thing is they’ve got three levels of sophistication (Arcade, Realistic, Simulator). Also cool, that Arcade is actually quite tough.

WarThunder an evolution of the Wings of Prey / IL Stormivik style of combat flight sims. Accessible, detailed and sophisticated.

Also fun. Here’s a little action from a few nights ago where I had my clown car out for a ride, was soundly bounced, yet managed to land along a dirt road in the bush. Go figure 😀

Cold & Starving

Cold & Starving

I felt like playing at lunch and this is the result. Original image is a screen shot from the early-access sandbox version of The Long Dark – a survival game.

I pushed the screen shot through the iOS app Waterlogued, then into another iOS app to make the album cover — VinylizeMe. I kinda like the results 🙂

Because KSP

Gravioli is a new Kerbal Space Program video by Nasaault that’s also a tribute to the recent space blockbuster Gravity. KSP is turning into one amazing program — and it’s not even out of Beta yet!
Shutting up now. Enjoy the movie!

Of Shields and Spears

Lately I’ve been playing a highly accessible puzzle-rogue-like game called Hoplite.

Simple graphics and ever-increasing difficulty make this a quick and easy game to learn, but a very difficult one to master.

You play the role of an adventurous Hoplite — a citizen warrior of ancient Greece city-states. You’re questing in ever-deeper dungeons looking for the Fleece of Yendor whilst avoiding doom at the hands of various dungeon inhabitants.

Each level is a smallish hex map with lava obstacles, opponents, a temple and an exit to the next level down. Defeat the opponents, heal or receive a boon at the temple and journey onward. Simple right?

Well, yes, and no. Depending on the number of enemies and your strategy, your journey could end on the first level, or you could retrieve the Fleece and win, or hang on to the fleece and quest even further.

I find myself coming back to Hoplite daily, for at least one or two rounds. As you can tell by the shot at the top, I’ve managed to recover the Fleece once (yay me!), but am wondering what lies beyond…

Hoplite is available for Android and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).

Enjoy this fine gameplay video.


New Pandemic scenario covers 2013 events

Cool! The developers of Pandemic have freely released a slight mod / scenario to their amazing cooperative board game Pandemic.

Scenario 2:

… covers one of the more notable events in the US this year: the Government Shutdown. It introduces some new elements and changes the way you play Pandemic.

Will you be able to save humanity with the Government Shutdown?

Download the PDF of Scenario 2 here.