Legacy Hardware loses flagship application

Five years ago I modded my first Xbox to create a Media Centre. The software I ran, and still run is the uber awesome XBMC (for Xbox Media Center).

But now it seems that the days of using my original Xbox as a media center are numbered — the developers are stopping work for that hardware platform.

So now there will be no updates, no new ‘official’ features or bugfixes for what has become the cornerstone of my entertainment system.

And this means that I’d better start looking at a replacement that offers:

  • Multimedia playback
  • Huge library of media codecs
  • Native network awareness for Windows, OSX and Linux shared drives
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

But I’m in no rush. My original modded Xboxen still run the last build of XBMC just fine. And will likely continue for some time. But now I know, the days are numbered. Something else just got added to my todo list. Lucky for me it involves tech 🙂

Still wondering why people follow me on Twitter

Last year, I wrote a couple of posts exploring the reasons why people follow me on Twitter:

Well a year has passed since I did that basic research, and Twitter has been ‘improved’ in the meantime – revised ReTweet function, Lists, new desktop and mobile application, etc.

So it’s time to ask that question again. In the last year, I’ve doubled the number of followers, but since I did my last bit of research, I’ve not asked them why they follow. Time to rectify that.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll go back to the process I used to gather the first bit of data — a return follow and DM to my new followers — something like this:

“thanks for following me. This is NOT an auto-DM, I’m live :)and tracking ‘reach’ and was wondering why you ‘follow’ me in Twitter?”

I’ll let it run for a few months, and come March, I’ll analyse the data again, and contrast the results with last year’s.

But in the meantime, if you already follow me on Twitter, please feel free to send me a DM with your answer to the question “Why do you follow me in Twitter?”

Things to do with your new iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone

Black Friday has come and gone, and you’ve likely got a new gadget, gizmo or toy — I’m going to assume it’s an iPod Touch or iPhone — which is a perfect opportunity for me to dig into my archives and pull out a few posts that may help you and your new baby.

So, these are from the archives, but did I miss anything? It’s how I use my iPod Touch, but what do you do with yours — maybe something I should look into or try on mine? Let me know…that’s what comments are for 🙂

From the archives: April 1, 2003 – Networking – what’s it all about…

I’ve decided to take a look back at some of the content I’d published previously. This random, ongoing ‘feature’ titled From the archives will let me review older posts, and maybe add new insight that only the distance of time can provide.

Today’s inaugural item is particularly timely as we head into a recession with its accompanying employment dearth. What’s interesting about this post is it’s also one of the few times that I delved into audio…this post was a trial at podcasting 🙂

Networking the key concept for the Not-working. Get out, and find out who can help you out. People like to help, just don’t put your network members on the spot by asking them for a job, they’ll be uncomfortable and it’s quite likely that they don’t have one.

Instead, let them help you out. You work your network to get contacts in the industry you want to work in. Your network is large made up of family members, friends, co-workers, clients, neighbours everyone you know and they want to help.

At the time I was also looking to take my blogging to the next level, create content that added more value than simply repeating what others were saying online.

That thinking has helped me since then.

So, what do you think? Would you like to see more from the ‘archives’? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Hello there…

Wow, my first post on an ancient blog: red-5.info, which you can find at Archive.org

March 05, 2003

Hello there…

Wow, after playing with a very cranky server, reading a whole swack of online documentation, and swearing a lot…I stumbled upon this excellent tutorial. Now to figure out templates.

Posted by Brad Grier at March 5, 2003 10:30 PM

I grabbed this post and dumped it into the blog so I can find it again some day 🙂