Modding my Xbox…

[ This item originated at my previous (now defunct) blog — copy retrieved from the Internet Archive]

A while ago I managed to lay my hands on a refurbished Xbox for a fairly reasonable price. Great, methinks. A game console and a DVD player, all rolled into one. And hey, it’ll even play music from the built in hard drive too¦ but not stock from the factory. No, my friend, you have to void the Microsoft warranty and mess with the happy technology that lies buried within your game console. Once you do that, you then have unlocked the power of your Xbox, and created a Monster¦here’s how I did mine¦ Continue reading “Modding my Xbox…”

Dirty Pool..

It seems that Quicken users are losing some online functionality. BoingBoing reports:

Quicken disables the software you paid for to force paid upgrades
Norvy sez, “I bought Quicken 2002 when it was the current version. I received a letter in the mail this week telling me that Intuit will be disabling the online bill pay feature for my version because it’s too old!

Me is pissed. It seems that they’re also retiring the QIF file format with another one, which means that if my bank converts, I’ll have to buy the latest version of the software to remain compatible.
Source: BoingBoing
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