Thought I’d make a treatment of our ‘UNDERDOG’, Bogart. The Underdog concept came from a post by our CaliCan Rescue honcho, Rene. He was in a restaurant in California, on a trip to pick up a new pack of rescues, and after explaining to the waiter why he was there, the waiter replied; ‘Thank you for saving the Underdogs’. Bogart is our UNDERDOG.

Cool Desktop: Spectrum of a Tree

My wife has been using this image as a desktop background for about a year now, but recently I took a good look at it.

Initially I thought this was simply a photo of a tree in silhouette, sliced, colourized and laid out as you see it.

But on closer inspection, it seems that these are shots of the tree, at various times and seasons, with different coloured sky in the background. The website doesn’t really have detail on how the image was created.

The photographer also created Spectrum of the Sky — but I like the Tree better.

A collection of my desktop images

Recently I’ve been reorganizing my image libraries, and came across a few that I’ve used as desktop images.

I don’t claim to have shot all these, just modified them from their original size to fit my desktop.

Rather than having them all over the blog, I’ve built a page to host them

So if you’re interested in seeing some images I’ve been using to décorate my desktop, then click on through.

Earthrise on the desktop — an Apollo 8 image

Earthrise 1280 x 1024Today I was feeling the need to update my desktop, and decided to look around for a 1280×1024 version of Earthrise. I couldn’t quickly find one…so I did the next best thing, grabbed this 2400×2400 version from NASA and cropped it. Feel free to grab my (1024×768) version here.

** Update Feb 17, 2008 **

Since I’ve got a new 22″ wide format monitor, I needed to rebuild my Earthrise desktop. So here it is, in 1680×1050 rez.

Full credit to the NASA and the Apollo 8 crew (Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders)