Social Media / Social Networks?

Inter­est­ing art­icle (via Micro Per­sua­sion) about the main­stream growth and accept­ance of Social Net­work­ing media (web­sites). It seems that even the ven­er­able NHL is get­ting into the action with a pub­lic beta. Aaron Cohen, CEO of Bolt Media, which runs social net­work­ing and con­tent shar­ing site, said that online social net­works are the realm […]

Anti-DRM Bed-time story book — via BoingBoing

No mat­ter where you sit on the DRM issue in Canada, this book is enter­tain­ing. Just then, Duck came bound­ing up the road. She was covered from head to toe in sticky, gooey apple sauce. “Yoooooou stinky Pig!” yelled Duck. “What happened to YOU?” gasped Pig. “My baby duck­ling tried to eat an apple for […]

Linklist — July 12, 2006

Occa­sion­ally, I notice on some of the blogs I read a list of links the author found inter­est­ing for vari­ous reas­ons. Maybe it’s just a handy place for them to keep things for future ref­er­ence (though I find much bet­ter at that sort of thing). Regard­less, it can make sense to have them if […]

A New Home

Yep, Brat&Testy have a new home here on We’ve changed ISPs and that means that we’re los­ing the abil­ity to host our own blogs on our own serv­ers — hence we’re using blogger/blogspot. What this means — I’ll be slowly port­ing over the old blog con­tent, but the com­ments will be lost. We’re not […]

I am Ahab

I am Ahab “ This is My Whale I stand amid­ships, the deck lurch­ing with every motion of the craft “ the beast surges onward, obli­vi­ous to the con­di­tion of my fel­low trav­el­lers inside. My Whale moves, from place to place, fol­low­ing it’s own path, heed­less of the desires of it’s pas­sen­gers “ krill. Upon […]

Hello there…

Wow, my first post on an ancient blog: red‑, which you can find at March 05, 2003 Hello there… Wow, after play­ing with a very cranky serv­er, read­ing a whole swack of online doc­u­ment­a­tion, and swear­ing a lot…I stumbled upon this excel­lent tutori­al. Now to fig­ure out tem­plates. Pos­ted by Brad Gri­er at March […]