Fri­day’s found­lings: More than you ever wanted to know about Snow­flakes includ­ing some incred­ible images and movies — reviews the new Ubuntu release; Edgy Eft. — Review: Ubuntu Edgy is nice, but not so edgy Tech­nor­ati Tags: Fri­day, Web, Snow­flakes, Snow, Cold

Digital Photography book recommendations and feedback

The Digit­al Pho­to­graphy Blog has an inter­est­ing list (you gotta love lists) of recom­men­ded digitial pho­to­graphy books. Here’s an excerpt: Under­stand­ing Expos­ure by Bry­an Peterson I’ve referred to this one in my series on Expos­ure — good if you want to learn how to get out of ‘Auto Mode’. Per­fect Digit­al Pho­to­graphy by Jay Dick­man […]

Firefox 2.0 — get it.

Once again the Fire­fox devel­op­ment team have released a pol­ished pack­age in this 2.0 release. I’ve only been work­ing with it for maybe an hour, but some of the new fea­tures (Spellcheck on Forms!!) already make it a win­ner. It’s not pos­ted on the page yet, but you can down­load it here, via FTP.  […]

Whew! I’m glad that month is over…

Maybe it’s just me, but Septem­ber was rather chal­len­ging: Home Renov­a­tions — glad the mas­ter bed­room is now in shape to be lived in again. Lost my co-work­er. Now I’m respons­ibile for 50% of the web­site at work until we hire a con­tent spe­cial­ist. Tough to do it seems. Vehicle break-in. Noth­ing taken. Win­dow broken. […]

Summer’s over. Rick’s Back. Yay!

Ah yes, the leaves are turn­ing and Rick Mer­cer is back in fine form. Speak­ing of the short bus I see that Jack Layton has dis­tin­guished him­self on the inter­na­tion­al front by com­ing up with a solu­tion for the Afgh­anistan situ­ation. Jack is call­ing for peace talks with the Taliban. About time the NDP get […]

See a need, fill a need.

For a while I’ve been try­ing to find a good tech­no­logy web­site that looks at things from a Cana­dian per­spect­ive. Some­thing like Giz­modo, or Cool Hunt­ing, ars tech­nica or even boing­bo­ing. Nada. So, with that in mind, we’ve launched Canuck­Tek — Cana­dian tech­no­logy news and opin­ion. Cur­rently we have a small staff, and an even […]