Great tool for the savvy website developer

If you work in the web­site devel­op­ment field and use fire­fox (as you should) then make sure you down­load and install this handy Search Status tool­bar, which I found whilst read­ing Chris Gar­ret’s site. I’m not one to jump on the  ‘new tool’ band­wag­on just because someone say’s it’s cool, but this one is an […]

Web Dogma — is it still relevant?

Last year I linked to an inter­view with Eric Reiss over at Boxes and Arrows. The inter­view explores the thoughts that went into cre­at­ing the Web Dogma: Web Dogma 2006 Any­thing that exists only to sat­is­fy the intern­al polit­ics of the site own­er must be elim­in­ated. Any­thing that exists only to sat­is­fy the ego of […]

Server burp…

My web­host recently had a fairly ser­i­ous serv­er fail­ure. The down­side; the site was kinda unstable for a few days here, and we lost a few com­ments and votes. The upside; they keep good backups and were able to restore the site with only that min­im­al loss of inform­a­tion. And I think I’ll also begin […]

Thoughts: Your Personal Computing Environment will affect your career.

I was read­ing an edit­or­i­al by Scot Petersen in last week’s eWeek (it’s not pos­ted online yet, but when it is, it’ll be here) and came across the concept of Per­son­al Com­put­ing Envir­on­ments (PCE). The art­icle began to dis­cuss con­sumer tech­no­logy’s impact on inform­a­tion tech­no­logy in the work­place as Gen Y ‘digit­al nat­ives’ expect access […]