What it’s all about:
This is my per­son­al blog. In it you’ll find reviews, rants, and doc­u­ment­a­tion of my exploits in tech­no­logy and com­mu­nic­a­tion. I also fancy myself a bit of a pho­to­graph­er so you may see the odd photo or pho­to­graphy post.

Why I blog?
I could go into detail, here, but I had the good for­tune to be inter­viewed by CBC Radi­o’s Peter Brown about that very top­ic. Check­out the inter­view here.

My first involve­ment in the online world star­ted in the lat­ter part of the 20th cen­tury (the ’80s) with involve­ment with the loc­al Apple & Amiga com­munit­ies and Bul­let­in Board Systems.

In the ’90s, I brought the Inter­net to broad­cast tele­vi­sion by build­ing and oper­at­ing the first web­site for a region­al TV sta­tion in west­ern Canada (CITV Edmon­ton now Glob­al TV Edmon­ton).

In this cen­tury, I’ve focused on devel­op­ing digit­al strategies for lead­ing video games developers, non-profits and oth­er organ­iz­a­tions, cre­at­ing an industry stand­ard mod­el for online communities.

Recently, I’ve redis­covered com­puters from the ‘old days’ — and as I said to a friend recently, “… I’m really just get­ting into retro again… back when I was first into it, it was­n’t retro, it was current.”

For more detail about me and my work, check out my pro­file on Linked­In, or ping me dir­ectly.

Older ver­sions of my blogs can be found in Archive.org’s archive for bradblog.info and bradblog.homeip.net . Per­us­ing it’s con­tent, you’ll find post, stor­ies, art­icles, reviews and even poetry — yes really.

Cur­rently, and aside from this blog, you can occa­sion­ally find me:

Some of the work here was writ­ten under con­tract to vari­ous pub­lic­a­tions or agen­cies, oth­er items were writ­ten for the fun of it.

I occa­sion­ally receive items to review and give opin­ion upon, good, bad or some­where in the middle. Some of the things I write about and link to I may have received fin­an­cial con­sid­er­a­tion for.

Advert­ising, in the form of ban­ners, images, affil­i­ate links and spon­sor­ship links may also appear on this site and in blog posts.  Let me know if you’re inter­ested in spon­sor­ing a page or this site — some restric­tions apply.

Com­ments may be edited, mod­er­ated or deleted without notice. Obvi­ously this would not occur unless the com­ment was deemed spam, defam­at­ory, or in poor taste (yes, I’m the arbit­er of that one). If you’re link­ing back to a ser­vice in your URL, please dis­close your rela­tion­ship to the ser­vice in the post or it just looks like com­ment spam (and the link will be removed).

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