About Brad Grier

Brad Grier - Technology, Communications, Photography, GeekBrad Grier is a digital strategist, writer, blogger, photographer, technology coach and aficionado. That’s me to the right.

What it’s all about:
This is my personal blog. In it you’ll find reviews, rants, and documentation of my exploits in technology and communication. I also fancy myself a bit of a photographer so you may see the odd photo or photography post. For more of my photo stuff you can hit iPadDarkroom (my iOS photo stream) or my flickr account.

Also, with my lovely wife, we’ve started a tea business and a papercraft / rubber stamp business. Feel free to check out our Stampin’ UP! Facebook page, our personal papercraft page ( Stampin’ Arts!) or our Steeped Tea Facebook page for more information.

Why I blog?
I could go into detail, here, but I had the good fortune to be interviewed by CBC Radio’s Peter Brown about that very topic. Checkout the interview here.

My first involvement in the online world started in the latter part of the 20th century (the ’80s) with involvement with the local Apple & Amiga communities and Bulletin Board Systems.

In the ’90s, I brought the Internet to broadcast television by building and operating the first website for a regional TV station in western Canada (CITV Edmonton now Global TV Edmonton).

In this century, I’ve focused on developing digital strategies for leading video games developers, non-profits and other organizations, creating an industry standard model for online communities.

For more detail about me and my work, check out my profile on LinkedIn, or ping me directly.

Older versions of my blogs can be found in Archive.org’s archive for bradblog.info and bradblog.homeip.net . Perusing it’s content, you’ll find post, stories, articles, reviews and even poetry — yes really.

Currently, and aside from this blog, you can find me:

Some of the work here was written under contract to various publications or agencies, other items were written for the fun of it.

I occasionally receives items to review and give opinion upon, good, bad or somewhere in the middle. Some of the things I write about and link to I may have received financial consideration for.

Advertising, in the form of banners, images, affiliate links and sponsorship links may also appear on this site and in blog posts.  Let me know if you’re interested in sponsoring a page or this site — some restrictions apply.

Comments may be edited, moderated or deleted without notice. Obviously this would not occur unless the comment was deemed spam, defamatory, or in poor taste (yes, I’m the arbiter of that one). If you’re linking back to a service in your URL, please disclose your relationship to the service in the post or it just looks like comment spam (and the link will be removed).

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