Boardgame bits funnel tray - holding Fate and Honour tokens from Legend of the Five Rings (2017).
Boardgame bits fun­nel trays — hold­ing Fate and Hon­our tokens from Legend of the Five Rings (2017).

I’m really happy when I can com­bine two of my hob­bies. This time it’s Boardgam­ing and 3d Printing.

Often, many games have tokens or chits that are pooled for play­ers to take at dif­fer­ent times dur­ing play.  Usu­ally, these sit in piles around the main game area.

On Thingi­verse, swholmstead shared this neat design — which I promptly down­loaded and printed.

From: Stack­able Game Bits Fun­nel Tray by swholmstead, pub­lished Oct 3, 2017

Super Effect­ive! Keep­ing the game table neat and tidy.

By Brad Grier geek.hack