Lazy Long Weekend Project

About five years ago, we got a cute little R‑Pod 173T.  It’s a trail­er with a pop-out tent to extend the intern­al liv­ing area by about 36 sq. ft.


Very cute and just the right size to be towed by our Santa Fe.


A couple of years ago, my very patient wife sug­ges­ted we remove the sofa to make more room inside. (not my photo — found on the tubes)

Bril­liant! Awe­some to have more space.

But what to do with the couch (sofa)?

She sug­ges­ted we (I) fig­ure out a way to use it in our Gar­age-Jang.

Garage / training room.

Of course, I over ana­lyzed it. Here’s my pro­ject sketches to prove it.



Fast for­ward to 3 years later. Yes, it’s done.


And per­haps I over-engin­eered it a bit. (ser­i­ously. 2x6??)



I don’t care. It’s done. It’s sol­id, and it’s actu­ally com­fort­able.

Long Week­end Win!


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