AlienFrontiersFieldGenerator_WIP_2Wow, when you take phoĀ­tos of painted miniĀ­atures, the phoĀ­tos always catch all the rough paint-work and othĀ­er issues, makĀ­ing the minis look like crap šŸ˜€

Ah well, since these AliĀ­en FronĀ­tiĀ­ers field genĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ors are meant to be played with and not put on a shelf and admired, Iā€™m not too concerned.

One done, one in proĀ­gress and one primed and ready to go.

AlienFrontiersFieldGenerator_WIP_1The orange oneā€™s interĀ­estĀ­ing. I bought the AliĀ­en FronĀ­tiĀ­ers Upgrade Pack. It included a lot of the new colony comĀ­ponĀ­ents, and these field genĀ­erĀ­atĀ­or comĀ­ponĀ­ents. Itā€™s meant to upgrade the more genĀ­erĀ­ic ones from earliĀ­er AliĀ­en FronĀ­tiĀ­ers generators.

AlienFrontiersFieldGenerator_WIP_3So this one came without one of the genĀ­erĀ­atĀ­or arms attached. After filling out a form and uploadĀ­ing a photo of the flawed comĀ­ponĀ­ent, Game Salute, the disĀ­tribĀ­utĀ­or sent along a replaceĀ­ment (itā€™s the unpainted one in the background).

In the meanĀ­time, Iā€™d decided to paint this one anyĀ­way, and am going to turn that gap where the arm mounts into a dockĀ­ing port. I think Iā€™ll be adding yelĀ­low and black ā€˜alertā€™ lines around it. Weā€™ll see how that goes.

Then, finally, I think Iā€™ll likely give them a final spray of TestĀ­ors DulĀ­coat, just to elimĀ­inĀ­ate the shine. I like the way it helps bring out subtle detail and gives them a more ā€˜realĀ­istĀ­icā€™ look. Must be a perĀ­sonĀ­al taste thing developed back in the day when I painted plastic models.