Well then. Flickr re-launches Flickr Pro.

Earlier today flickr re-launched flickr Pro – the premium tier online photo archiving and sharing service now owned by Yahoo!

We’re excited to unveil the new Flickr Pro for both existing and new members of our community, a subscription that offers improved stats, brings back our Pro badge, and more.

Source: Hey there, Flickr Pro, nice to see you again! | Flickr Blog

The ‘more’ includes better analytics, product (Adobe Creative Suite) discounts and shipping discounts. As well as more (or unlimited) storage.

Flickr has had a confusing past with Pro. As this Mashable article points out back in 2013:

“…the new changes might be confusing. We were annoyed when reading the new FAQ on account types. That’s why we dug into the changes, and reached out to Yahoo for clarification on what the changes really mean for Flickr Pro users.”

And now, with the re-introduction, there’re new classes of users who were previously Flickr Pro members, who suddenly weren’t, but now maybe can be again?

I’m going to get me some snacks and settle in and watch this movie unfold 🙂

And continue to enjoy my Pro account, of course.

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