Well then. Flickr re-launches Flickr Pro.

Earli­er today flickr re-launched flickr Pro — the premi­um tier online photo archiv­ing and shar­ing ser­vice now owned by Yahoo!

We’re excited to unveil the new Flickr Pro for both exist­ing and new mem­bers of our com­munity, a sub­scrip­tion that offers improved stats, brings back our Pro badge, and more.

Source: Hey there, Flickr Pro, nice to see you again! | Flickr Blog

The ‘more’ includes bet­ter ana­lyt­ics, product (Adobe Cre­at­ive Suite) dis­counts and ship­ping dis­counts. As well as more (or unlim­ited) stor­age.

Flickr has had a con­fus­ing past with Pro. As this Mash­able art­icle points out back in 2013:

…the new changes might be con­fus­ing. We were annoyed when read­ing the new FAQ on account types. That’s why we dug into the changes, and reached out to Yahoo for cla­ri­fic­a­tion on what the changes really mean for Flickr Pro users.”

And now, with the re-intro­duc­tion, there’re new classes of users who were pre­vi­ously Flickr Pro mem­bers, who sud­denly wer­en’t, but now maybe can be again?

I’m going to get me some snacks and settle in and watch this movie unfold 🙂

And con­tin­ue to enjoy my Pro account, of course.

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