A few bumps but we’re all right.

Well the GameA­Thon got off to a bit of a bumpy start, with Twitch TV tem­por­ar­ily ban­ning me for not show­ing gam­ing con­tent. So now I’m stream­ing on You­Tube… had a bit of scram­bling around to hook it up but it’s done.

Gam­ing-wise, we loosely stuck to the sched­ule with Pathfind­er Adven­ture Card Game lead­ing off, fol­lowed by some com­pet­it­ive Halo. Looks like we blew over the time allot­ted for Dwarf Fort­ress, but I’ll pick up the sched­ule in a few minutes with some Pan­dem­ic on the iPad. I may stick the whole hour or, if I lose too quickly, will find some­thing else to play. Either way, I’ll be stream­ing it and you can watch the stream here. Next update in a few hours. Oh, and thank you for spon­sor­ing me! The pups appre­ci­ate it!

Published by Brad Grier

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