In less than 24 hours I’ll be gaming for 24 hours to support CaliCan Rescue – Cheer me on!

Tomorrow night, Friday night, I’ll be starting a 24hr marathon gaming session to support my friends at CaliCan Rescue. I’m one of the folk who’ve accepted the Play4Paws2 challenge, so yeah, I’ll be gaming, catching up on my gaming deficit over the last few months 😉

It’s been years

Yeah, years since I stayed up ’round the clock. More, actually since I have to work tomorrow morning, so I’ll likely be up over 36 hours. So I’m not sure what to expect, except that as my sleep-deprived brain tries to play games, you can bet that I’ll suck more as the evening wears on. Ah well.

UNDERDOGIt’s about the Underdog

Ok, so I’m looking forward to it, mostly, though the tired bit I’m dreading. But it’s not for me I’m doing this, I’m trying to raise funds to support the organization that brought Bogart and all the other fosters into our (and others) lives. It’s about the people in an organization that works hard and cares about both the animals they rescue from death row (yes, they pull from kill shelters), and they care about the people they match the dogs with. Amazing work, amazing people.

So yeah, in addition to fostering, donating, encouraging and promoting, this is me trying to find another way to support them. How ’bout it, can you help? Donate here. Bid on silent auction items here.

Cheer me on

I’ll be Tweeting, Facebook updating, and occasionally live streaming my gaming activity. You can also help me out by keeping me going with encouraging comments, posts, tweets, whatever. About 6am Saturday morning I’ll need all the support I can get 😀

Watch me go

Here’s my gaming schedule and the Twitch live stream. Not all games will be on computer and streamable, but I may come up with a webcam solution that will feed to twitch. We’ll see.

Thanks for your support!

Really, without you helping me, this wouldn’t make sense. I’ve also managed to get some support from Bioware and Beamdog to help you decide to help me. Check out the details here.

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