This takes the cake: To the audiophile, this $10,000 Ethernet cable apparently makes sense

Wow. This is some ser­i­ously messed up lan­guage used to describe ‘premi­um-grade’ Audio Eth­er­net cables — yes, you read that right, Eth­er­net cables for the Audi­o­phile mar­ket. My word…

All insu­la­tion slows down the sig­nal on the con­duct­or inside. When insu­la­tion is unbiased, it slows down parts of the sig­nal dif­fer­ently, a big prob­lem for very time-sens­it­ive multi-octave audio. AudioQuest’s DBS cre­ates a strong, stable elec­tro­stat­ic field which sat­ur­ates and polar­izes (organ­izes) the molecules of the insu­la­tion. This min­im­izes both energy stor­age in the insu­la­tion and the mul­tiple non­lin­ear time-delays that occur.

via To the audi­o­phile, this $10,000 Eth­er­net cable appar­ently makes sense | Ars Tech­nica.

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