Cool! Playing pandemic online.

Iā€™m kinda into gamĀ­ing ā€” yā€™all know that. And Iā€™m into my dogs ā€” yaā€™ll know that too.

So when an opporĀ­tunĀ­ity like this popped up, I couldĀ­nā€™t resist.

Sponsor Me!

On FebĀ­ruĀ­ary 27th, startĀ­ing at 7pm, Iā€™m going to be gamĀ­ing my ass off, gamĀ­ing for 24 hours straight. Board games, Video games, card games, whatever! I figĀ­ure that this will get me out of my vast game defiĀ­cit Iā€™ve been accuĀ­muĀ­latĀ­ing over the last few years.

And I can help a great charity at the same time.

UNDERDOGCaliCĀ­an ResĀ­cue is the organĀ­izĀ­aĀ­tion we foster for, and theyā€™re also the folks that brought BogĀ­art into our lives. They do amazĀ­ing work, and have resĀ­cued over 400 small dogs to date. And they have a great doguĀ­mentĀ­ary showĀ­ing why and how they do, what they do if you wanted to find out more about them and why we love them!

So this is where you come in.

SponĀ­sor Me! Iā€™m figĀ­ure Iā€™m going to be hurtĀ­ing at about Hour 13, and have a serĀ­iĀ­ous case of ConĀ­sole Claw at about Hour 20. Help me stay focused. Inspire me to keep on gamĀ­ing. SponĀ­sor Me ā€” you can be the reasĀ­on that I stick it out the whole 24 hours!

Itā€™s easy. Just visĀ­it this link at and make a small donaĀ­tion ā€” any will do (thank you in advance!)

And then cheer me on! Go Team Brad! On the 27th, Join me online. Iā€™ll be updatĀ­ing Social Media and this Blog regĀ­uĀ­larly with game resĀ­ults, updates, sleep-deprived comĀ­ments and othĀ­er fun stuff. You may see me at my dopiĀ­est! Cheer me or Jeer me, but have fun with me!

Or, if you want, letā€™s hook up online and play someĀ­thing! Iā€™m open to sugĀ­gesĀ­tions. Iā€™ll post a schedĀ­ule when I get my act together.

But back to the why.

It does take a lot of time, energy, and money to keep an organĀ­izĀ­aĀ­tion like CaliCĀ­an runĀ­ning. Time and energy are at a premiĀ­um around here, but I think that itā€™s someĀ­times easiĀ­er to like a cause and wish you could help out. Well this is one way I know I can. Iā€™ll be pinging you, my peeps, quite regĀ­uĀ­larly over the next few weeks. Not only through the TwitĀ­ter, but I hear that thereā€™s this thing called Email. Pretty effectĀ­ive too, Iā€™m told.

CaliCĀ­an is an organĀ­izĀ­aĀ­tion we believe in, and one we enjoy helpĀ­ing. So help us, help them. SponĀ­sor Me, and then join me online on the 27 to cheer me on, or laugh as I lose every game I play.

Go Team Brad!