Expected: Keurig’s attempt to ‘DRM’ its coffee cups totally backfired

I’m amazed that someone thought that apply­ing DRM to a cof­fee machine was a good idea. Using single-use dis­pos­able cof­fee pods is not great for the envir­on­ment — we use a refil­lable pod, which would be locked out under the Keur­ig 2.0 sys­tem.

Con­sumers hate DRM — in music, in movies, in any­thing — but apply­ing it to cof­fee feels espe­cially galling. It’s the most open caf­fein­ated bever­age there is; all you need is beans and hot water and, I guess, a ves­sel to brew it in. Lock­ing it up in plastic cups was already a little silly, though some­thing lots of people were happy to buy for the sake of con­veni­ence. Build­ing a com­plic­ated infrared scan­ning sys­tem so that you can only use Keur­ig-approved cups was a step too far.

Read more at  Keur­ig’s attempt to ‘DRM’ its cof­fee cups totally back­fired | The Verge.

Published by Brad Grier

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