Tempting — Battlelore: Command

Yeah, this little gem looks pretty cool. Yes, it comes in a bit  pricy at under $10, but then again, it looks like there’s some ser­i­ous game­play value.

The fine folks at Pock­etTactics pulled togeth­er a rather pos­it­ive review:

I’m start­ing to feel a bit spoiled. Ser­i­ously, what was the last major board game release that ended up a dud? It sure as hell isn’t Battle­L­ore: Com­mand, the latest release from Fantasy Flight Games, which, des­pite a major omis­sion, is still a strong con­tender for digit­al board game of the year.

If you’re a fan of board games or just strategy games in gen­er­al, Battle­L­ore: Com­mand is going to trip all your trig­gers.

Published by Brad Grier

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