Things you find when cleaning out your Google contacts

If you’ve got a Gmail account, you’ve got Google Con­tacts. These are entries of all the folks you’ve ever emailed with Gmail, or inter­ac­ted with in any oth­er Google prop­erty.

We’re work­ing on a Christ­mas pro­ject and wanted to get a good list of friends, so I pulled my con­tacts from my Gmail account.

Over 800.

Includ­ing Lady Gaga and ‘the Woz’ Steve Wozniak. (yes, I was sur­prised)! I assume Steve’s name is upside because he enjoys prac­tic­al jokes 😉


Look who’s in my little black book!


After a bit of research, it seemed that I’d fol­lowed them on Google+ and their G+ pro­file was added to my con­tacts. Inter­est­ing…

Back to my dig­ging… I won­der who else I’ll find? And who’s in *your* con­tacts? Just log into email, select con­tacts and export. And have fun!

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack