Any landing you can walk away from…

Many of you will know that in my (admit­tedly rare) massively mul­ti­play­er com­puter gam­ing time, I’ve moved away from World of Tanks to WarThun­der.

Sim­il­ar concept except instead of driv­ing tanks, you’re driv­ing planes. Cool thing is they’ve got three levels of soph­ist­ic­a­tion (Arcade, Real­ist­ic, Sim­u­lat­or). Also cool, that Arcade is actu­ally quite tough.

WarThun­der an evol­u­tion of the Wings of Prey / IL Storm­ivik style of com­bat flight sims. Access­ible, detailed and soph­ist­ic­ated.

Also fun. Here’s a little action from a few nights ago where I had my clown car out for a ride, was soundly bounced, yet man­aged to land along a dirt road in the bush. Go fig­ure 😀

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