A pilot’s prerogative.

Buzz­ing around SFO Ter­min­al 3

End of the Cre­at­ive Strategies course yes­ter­day and fly­ing out today.

Upon takeoff the pilot of my Sky­w­est United flight throttled back and lev­elled off at about 5000 ft.

Then we flew up the bay, slowly, and bank­ing to view all the land­marks.

This could have been a mere coin­cid­ence between oth­er craft in the air and instruc­tions of the depar­ture con­trol­ler.

But it seemed too per­fect. The con­flu­ence of beau­ti­ful sunny San Fran­cisco morn­ing, a per­fect view­ing alti­tude, and a pilot who did­n’t race for alti­tude and then flip over to auto­pi­lot.

What a way to end the trip.

Published by Brad Grier

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