New Yahoo! weather app powered by Flickr makes bad weather look great!

Earlier today Yahoo! launched a new iOS weather app that takes advantage of the power of the crowd through a cool Flickr group; Project Weather.

The company line:

Today, we’re sharing the Yahoo! Weather App for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch – a window into the places you care about. We’ve brought together beautiful images from our Flickr community to show you current local conditions, with all the details you want to know about the forecast. Instead of reading the weather, you can SEE the weather.

The neat thing is, anyone can contribute images to the Flickr group that appears in the background of the app by contributing to the open Project Weather group.

Our goal is to have amazing photos for every weather condition that cover the globe — morning, afternoon, and night — across every city in the world, and we want your help. Whether you’re simply a daydreamer or an avid photographer, submit photos of your favorite places to our Flickr Group and your image can be seen by tens of millions in Yahoo! Weather for iPhone. For more details, please go to Project Weather’s page on Flickr.

To my mind it looks like there’s another goal here too; to get more people using Flickr to compete with the instant weather shots on services like Instagram, and grow the photographer’s audience and reach with (potentially) more exposure.

As you can see from my screenshot above, it’s a very clean and nicely designed app, with a look that takes advantage of the great retina display on the newest generation iPhones.

Yeah, I’m trying it. Below is my shot for Cloudy Edmonton — we’ll see if it makes the cut and is accepted into the group 😉

Clouds in Edmonton.

And yeah, they’ve even provided a movie that gives more detail.

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