It’s been a while since I took a look at what’s cool in the mobile eBook read­er space, as I’ve been quite sat­is­fied with my cur­rent read­ing apps (GoodRead­er for PDFs, Stanza for ePubs) and their use with Cal­ibre (a must-have eBook lib­rary man­age­ment pro­gram).

So today I’ve installed Read­Mill — a ‘social’ eBook read­er that works with both open ePubs as well as open and DRM pro­tec­ted PDFs (a val­id Adobe ID is required). The blurb from the developers states:

Read­mill is a unique ebook read­er that lets you read share and dis­cov­er great books. Avail­able as an iPad and iPhone app, Read­mill works with ebooks in ePub and PDF format. It’s all about shar­ing what you read, and all of the high­lights and com­ments you make between the pages. It’s also a great place to dis­cov­er new books through friends, and find out what’s most pop­u­lar in your social graph. Wel­come to a world of reading.

So I’m just get­ting star­ted with it. Feel free to check out my Read­Mill pro­file and fol­low me.

I’m think­ing the Read­Mill exper­i­ence will be sim­il­ar to GoodReads, but will update my exper­i­ences here as I use it more.