Get your Kerbal on! Update .18 released.

The latest, and pos­sibly greatest, update to Kerbal Space Pro­gram has just been released, fea­tur­ing:

* Dock­ing
Con­nect­ing ves­sels togeth­er is now pos­sible! Build space sta­tions, sur­face bases, or assemble huge space­craft in orbit.

* Flight Plan­ning
Get­ting to oth­er plan­ets and moons just got a lot sim­pler. Place man­euvers along your orbit to cre­ate a flight plan, and then just fol­low the guid­ance cues. No need to fig­ure out angles or hold a pro­tract­or to the screen!

* Action Groups
A new way to con­trol your ships! Instead of hav­ing everything done through sta­ging, you can assign parts to groups that are con­trolled with a keypress. Set up Abort sys­tems, or rig up com­plex con­trap­tions. Or just let the game handle it auto­mat­ic­ally.

* New Resources Sys­tem
Watch­ing fuel drain has nev­er been so much fun! New resources allow for com­pletely new pos­sib­il­it­ies. Energy, Fuel, Oxid­izer and oth­er resources now flow through your ship. Man­age them as you fly, and pump them across parts.

* Music
KSP now has its own soundtrack, fea­tur­ing many cool tracks, from smooth jazzy tunes to build ships by, to won­drous spacy themes as you explore the sol­ar sys­tem.

* Per­form­ance Tweaks
New ter­rain optim­iz­a­tions and a sys­tem to pre­vent lag by slow­ing the sim­u­la­tion make for a sig­ni­fic­ant improve­ment in per­form­ance.

Check out the video below to see some of these new enhance­ments in action!

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack