A book to tide me over until the next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

Last week­end was great fun as @tturbo and the rest of our years-old Guild Wars group jumped in to the most recent Beta Week­end event.

But now the event is done, and the wait con­tin­ues for the *next* event, and I’m find­ing I need more of the world to explore.

So ‘a man has said’ that there are these Guild Wars 2 nov­els out there, which means I must check them out. And I did by down­load­ing the first (from iTunes): Guild Wars: The Ghosts of Ascalon.

The Story So Far…
Actu­ally it’s pretty good. Stand­ard adven­tur­ing fare, but being pub­lished in 2010, brings many of the game improve­ments into the story-line. Guards have rifles. The world map has changed. They fear Dragons again.

I’m hop­ing we’ll see the intro­duc­tion of the Engin­eer 🙂

Ok, it’s an eBook, down­loaded from iTunes. Which means it’s got DRM. For me that’s a prob­lem as I like to read on dif­fer­ent devices. I prefer my Kobo, but occa­sion­ally will read on my iPad or iPhone, depend­ing on the con­text.

For­tu­nately there’s a cool app that will eas­ily remove iTunes DRM from most iTunes eBooks — and it worked like a charm — and I’m read­ing hap­pily on my Kobo, slowly. I don’t want to rush through the book and *still* have to wait a while for the next Guild Wars 2 Beta Week­end 🙂

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