Unleash your inner Spielberg


I’m sure all of us have, at one point or another, dreamed of releasing that movie director deep inside, and making our own movie, complete with music and special effects.

Well, if your dream is to make one that hearkens back to the golden days of silent cinema, then I’ve got an inexpensive app for you.

Silent Film Director, released today, can help you make movies in a style reminensent of the classic Hollywood silver screen.

It’s a very slick app that lets you shoot, edit and share movies on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (in Universal mode).

There’re two versions available, the standard version and the pro version (an in-app .99 upgrade).

With the standard version you can:

  • Create Silent Films with a variety of video effects including B&W, 20’s, 60’s home movie, sepia, sepia vintage, 70’s home video.
  • Customize video speed and quality
  • Add soundtracks to video
  • Record video or upload from sharing folders
  • Share video with popular Social Networks and enter developer-sponsored contests

With the pro upgrade you get the ability to trim video, add separate title cards, transactions, mix video with pictures.

How it works
Silent Film Director has basically streamlined the workflow of making a movie to:

Getting Clips
Clips are the sections of video needed to make your movie. You can either shoot your video or import it via FTP or iTunes File Transfer.

Triming / Editing clips, adding title cards & transitions (Pro Version)
Using the in-app purchase, you can trim your clips (essential for tightening your shot and pacing) and insert fade and circle-wipe transitions, as well as create and insert title cards and still photos.

Arrange your clips and transitions
In a very cool timeline layout, you build your movie, inserting elements as needed (title cards, transitions, photos and clips).

Cue the audience
Once you’re happy with your creation, you render it down to a final movie, and then you can share it on YouTube, Facebook, or through email. As I did with this one.

One concern I had initially when playing back a movie I’d sent through email, is that the iPhone image orientation is vertical, not horizontal as most movie cameras are.

So when I played back the movie, my player, VLC, didn’t compensate for this orientation and the movie was played back sideways. That problem vanished when I uploaded the same movie to Flickr — obviously Flickr’s software was smart enough and compensated automatically.

According to Macphun, the developer, Silent Film Director is a very significant and enhanced update to a previous app called Vintage Video Maker and as such, will be a free update for owners of Vintage Video Maker.

“…we have quite a lot dedicated fans, who use Vintage Video Maker quite often, and we didn’t want to make them pay for another app.”

As well, MacPhun is hosting a Silent Film Director contest at YouTube — just submit your creation through a special button in the sharing screen in the app.

Silent Film Director is currently 60% off, priced at .99 in the Apple Store, and the Pro upgrade is a .99 in app purchase.

And if you’re into making vintage movies with your kids — it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

Update: The developer has also made some additional resources available at Silent Film Director (the application website).
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