My most anticipated game of 2011 [Video]

Portal 2

I loved Portal. It was a chal­len­ging, enter­tain­ing and darkly humour­ous puzzle game in a First Per­son Shoot­er style.

And later this month, Valve will release Portal 2. Yes, it’s more Fun, with Sci­ence!

Basic­ally, you have a gun that cre­ates a port­able hole that is a gate­way to anoth­er port­able hole. The Blue-ringed hole is matched with the Orange-ringed hole. What goes in a Blue hole, comes out an Orange hole.

Your chal­lenge is to work through increas­ingly dif­fi­cult mazes. To what end? Well, that would be telling!

Simple. Then it gets com­plex! Check out this new video, and pre­vi­ous Portal2 videos below!

And a demo of one of the new game-play ele­ments — bounce!

The April launch date can­’t come soon enough. Avail­able on Steam, and in the reg­u­lar retail chan­nels, on PC, OSX, and con­soles.

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack