Aside from grunt­ing through my taxes, this week­end has been rather enter­tain­ing, from an iPad per­spect­ive. Many game apps were avail­able (and still are) at a fire-sale price, so I jumped in and picked up a few, but one really stood out for me.

The game I’m most impressed with is Battle­heart — an old-school tac­tic­al RPG with an ĂĽber cute design aes­thet­ic. And it’s a darn good and enga­ging game too! It’s not really story based, rather scene based as you shep­herd your troop of hardy adven­tur­ers through 30 chal­len­ging levels, to defeat evil (of course, what RPG would­n’t have you defeat­ing evil?).

Accord­ing to the developers:
Cre­ate a unique party of her­oes, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against mon­sters of ever increas­ing power. Lay waste to your foes with dozens of unique spe­cial powers as you gain exper­i­ence, upgrade your party’s equip­ment, and craft them into the ulti­mate battle force!

– Fea­tures –

  • Eas­ily com­mand your army via simple touch commands.
  • Cre­ate a unique party from numer­ous char­ac­ter classes, includ­ing stealthy rogues, power­ful wiz­ards and sto­ic knights!
  • Cus­tom­ize your her­oes via dozens of unique skills — lit­er­ally hun­dreds of class and skill combinations!
  • Make the most of your party’s skills to con­trol the bat­tle­field — turn your oppon­ents into frogs, stun them with pois­ons, or simply des­troy them with met­eor strikes and whirl­winds of steel!
  • Over 100 unique items to col­lect and equip across a 30+ level cam­paign, com­plete with epic boss battles!
    Put your cus­tom party to the ulti­mate test in sur­viv­al aren­as, where rare and unique rewards can be found!
  • Incred­ibly sharp anim­a­tion and art designed spe­cific­ally for the Ret­ina Dis­play and iPad!

And of course, I’ve got a video…

Battleheart - Mika Mobile

By Brad Grier geek.hack

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