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Recently I’ve star­ted pok­ing around syn­thes­izer and music tech­no­logy on my iPad and desktop com­puter. I’ve not made any­thing note­worthy to share yet, but when I do, I’ll be using Sound­Cloud as one of my medi­ums to share.

Like Flickr you say?
Sound­Cloud is very much like Flickr — an online des­tin­a­tion where mem­bers upload and share content.

In Sound­Cloud’s case, the con­tent shared is sound — be it music or sound effects or whatever! If it’s audio and is upload­able, then you’ll find it on Sound­Cloud. And embed­dable and share­able — here’s an example:

Smooth ipod (NanoStu­dio) by NiceTh­ings

Yep, now this is one of the import­ant parts of both Sound­Cloud and Flickr — the com­munit­ies that can devel­op around a par­tic­u­lar mem­ber, or activ­ity, or group.

Friends and Groups work as you’d expect them to. For example, there’s an online mobile music site called Palm Sounds — and they’ve got a Group on Sound­Cloud that I’ve joined.

In that group, I can listen to con­tent that oth­er mem­bers of that group have uploaded to Sound­Cloud and shared with the Palm Sounds group.

This is exactly the same way that Flickr handles groups and image sharing.

There are oth­er sim­il­ar­it­ies, but I leave that for you to explore for your­self if you’re interested.

I am, and you can find me on Sound­Cloud here — I’ve shared a couple of sound items, mostly things I’ve fea­tured in past blog posts.

And if you’re on Sound­Cloud, give me a ping and let me know what you’re into!