Woot! New Canon Rebel T3 cameras


Last year around this time, Can­on intro­duced the Rebel T2i (also known as the EOS 550D). An awe­somely speced-out cam­era, as all the Rebel’s are, aimed squarely at the con­sumer Digit­al SLR and home video mar­ket — yes, the Rebel T2i was a true hybrid.

Well, today Can­on reprised that tune with the announce­ment of the two new Rebels; the Can­on Rebel T3 (EOS 1100D) and Can­on Rebel T3i (EOS 600D).

The T3 (pic­tured above) looks like a great, mod­ern entry-level DSLR with some power­ful fea­tures. Here’s a few that caught my eye:

  • High Res­ol­u­tion 12.2MP CMOS Sensor
    A 12.2MP (APS‑C sized) CMOS sensor and DiG!C 4 pro­cessor cap­tures high res­ol­u­tion images boast­ing excep­tion­al sharp­ness, clar­ity, ton­al range and noise reduc­tion.
  • EOS scene detec­tion tech­no­logy
    Enhance Pho­tos Eas­ily — When you want to go bey­ond Auto­mat­ic Mode, Cre­at­ive Auto allows you to change the photo fin­ish to exactly how you want it.
  • Live View Func­tion
    Live View allows you to com­pose your shots using the large LCD mon­it­or. This func­tion is now avail­able in ALL shoot­ing modes includ­ing Full Auto and Movie Mode.
  • 63 Zone Dual-Lay­er Meter­ing Sys­tem
    This Meter­ing Sensor ana­lyzes col­our and lumin­os­ity inform­a­tion sur­round­ing the chosen AF points to optim­ize expos­ure and image qual­ity.

That’s just a few of the fea­tures on the inside. On the out­side the T3 is a very styl­ish cam­era too — avail­able in Black, Red, Brown and Metal­lic Grey — some col­our’s you don’t find often on DSLRs.

For a full-up pre­view and more details, check out DPRe­view’s writeup.


Mov­in’ on up
But if you’re a more advanced pho­to­graph­er look­ing to gradu­ate into a cam­era that offers you more cre­at­ive options with more ser­i­ous tech, check out the Can­on Rebel T3i.

T3i_screen.jpgMore closely aligned with it’s pre­de­cessor, the Rebel T2i, the T3i breaks tra­di­tion with the pre­vi­ous Rebel mod­els by adding this one cool fea­ture; a large Vari-Angle LCD dis­play screen — A First to the Rebel Series.

The 3.0” Vari-Angle LCD screen makes it easy to shoot from very high or low-angles. Fea­tures a 3:2 wide aspect ratio, and an incred­ible 1,040,000 pixel res­ol­u­tion, allow­ing for pre­cise focus check­ing.

Anoth­er neat fea­ture when you’re using multi-flash light­ing lay­outs is the abil­ity to remotely trig­ger and con­trol the power of extern­al flash guns — the fea­ture is called ‘Integ­rated Wire­less flash con­trol­ler with multi-flash sup­port’.

Full HD 1080
And one fea­ture that rein­forces the hybrid status of the Rebel line is the abil­ity to record full HD res­ol­u­tion movies at 1920 x 1080p.

Con­sumer or Prosumer?
Both cam­er­as are part of Can­on’s con­sumer line. Yet the line between con­sumer and pro­fes­sion­al equip­ment is get­ting quite blurred — espe­cially with the intro­duc­tion of power­ful equip­ment like this. I can­’t wait to get my hands on them and give them a workout :smileyhappy:
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