Boppin’ with the BeBot!

bebot.jpgiPad music and synth apps all seem to be try­ing to exactly rep­lic­ate the
exper­i­ence of using a real syn­thes­izer or instru­ment, like Vir­tu­oso Piano 3 .

Recently I dis­covered BeBot, an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad music app that breaks that ste­reo­type.

Accord­ing to the developer, BeBot is:

…Part syn­thes­izer, part anim­ated robot.

Touch­ing the screen causes the robot to move and make sounds con­trolled by your move­ments. Play it like a music­al instru­ment, or just have fun watch­ing the robot and mak­ing sounds with your fin­gers.

Fea­tures 4‑finger mul­ti­t­ouch poly­phony, mul­tiple syn­thes­is modes, user-defin­able pre­sets and scales, tweak­able synth set­tings and effects, and more!

And for me, this reads as pure fun! Robots! Synths! What more could you want.

Well, how ’bout a Theremin? Yep, the developers have built in a pre­set that emu­lates a Theremin pretty darn well.

Some will see this as a music­al time-waster or toy, yet it can have ser­i­ous music­al applic­a­tions. Check out the video  below of Jordan Rudess work­ing the BeBot on an iPhone.

So, for $1.99, I’m think­ing this is a pretty versitile piece of music­al tech. How ’bout you? Got a favour­ite music­al iOS  app? Let me know about it in the com­ments.

And, as an aside, check out this awe­some video of a Theremin being used to play the Star Trek theme!

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Published by Brad Grier geek.hack