I read the news today (oh boy)

If you’ve been without power and not heard the news today, The Beatles music lib­rary is now avail­able from Apple’s iTunes store for down­load.


No, I’m not overly enthused by this, as I already own digit­al cop­ies of all the Beatles music that I’m inter­ested in. I bought them on CD years ago, and have since copied the music to my vari­ous .mp3 play­er devices. This is leg­al in Canada.

I’m not sure what addi­tion­al value there is in then in the music being avail­able through iTunes, oth­er than to make it easi­er to buy songs or albums con­veni­ently if you sud­denly real­ize you’ve got the Blue and Red albums, but are miss­ing the White.

Meh. It’s news, but it’s not the big news it’s being made out to be.

Published by Brad Grier

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