My device isn’t what it was yesterday.


One of the neatest things about computers, and now portable computing devices (like my iPad) is that with a quick download, the unit’s function changes. If the promise of portable tablet computing plays out, mobile technology will be the next big wave in the tech biz. And why not, we’re only limited by the imagination of the application

I was reminded of this most recently when I noticed and explored variety of music synthesizers and ‘instruments’ for the iPad.

Some of these synth apps replicate oldschool electronic sound engines of the ‘80s, and other incorporate new thinking and technology.

For example, the Korg iElectribe and the ReBirth, which is a cool mashup of synth and sequencers, do check out the awesome ReBirth video.

Korg iElectribe


On the non-traditional synth side, check out the Reactable video — an amazing new ‘instrument’ that also now has an iPad equivalent.


As well, portable devices enable new takes on ‘traditional’ instruments. Earlier this week a ‘Magic Fiddle’ was released for the iPad.

Magic Fiddle

And earlier this year, a cool keyboard-like instrument SeleneHD made waves when this video was released.

Selene HD

Obviously this is only a starting point, but it’s kinda neat to think that one minute you could be checking out your friends on Facebook, and the next performing with them in a jam session.

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