More ways to get rid of your old tech.


A while ago I wrote about dis­pos­ing of tech you no longer need or use. And today I found a very cool tool that will help you sell off your used gear for a fair price. Bonus points, it’s got a funky name; Worth Mon­key.

Worth Mon­key works by:

search­ing data all over inter­net regard­ing the cur­rent ask­ing price and
selling price of the used goods you’re look­ing for. It then brings back
all of that data and per­forms cal­cu­la­tions on each piece and on the
data as a whole, giv­ing you the aver­age low, middle, and high price of
the product. As an added treat, it also shows you where you can pur­chase
that product for the highest aver­age price or lower, lever­aging your
pur­chas­ing options and sav­ing you time and money. “

I’ve nev­er really been a fan of using online auc­tion sites to sell off my stuff, as I’ve nev­er really be able to gauge the value of the item, and have always put in a lot of effort list­ing my tech — and felt I’ve not recouped that value.

Using Worth Mon­key, I think I’ve got a bet­ter handle on the value of my stuff, which will help me decide if it’s worth my time to try and sell it, or just send it off for recyc­ling.

For example, I have an old Palm T|X gath­er­ing dust in my closet. Worth Mon­key gen­er­ated the above chart, and even some embed code which cre­ates a wid­get that lets me ‘val­id­ate’ that the price I’m ask­ing is fair in the cur­rent mar­ket.

Yep, I can see this little tool help­ing me come spring clean­ing time 🙂 Worth Mon­key is cur­rently in beta, but you can use the app and sign up for free. Here’s the ‘offi­cial com­pany line’ video with more inform­a­tion.

What is Worth­Mon­key? from Worth Mon­key, Inc. on Vimeo.

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