Best Skins Ever – Perhaps

I’m a bit prissy when it comes to my display screens on my mobile devices and technology. I like putting screen scratch protectors on them. To protect them. To give me the peace-of-mind that they’ll survive the harsh treatment they get in my various bags and packs, and that the protector, not the screen, will absorb any harsh treatment.

I’ve done this with my digital cameras, my handheld GPS units, my PDAs, and now my iPad.

While there are a number of different screen protector and skin vendors, for my Apple devices, I’ve chosen skins from Best Skins Ever (yes, that really is their name).

A friend recommended them, had protected his gear with them, showed me his devices with the protective covers applied, and gave me a few pointers about installation…which was welcome, as it is a bit tricky, but the FAQ and tutorial help walk you through the process. Refer to them to get a good overview of installing the covers.

A word of warning, the application process can take up to 45 minutes, to get it done right.

My experience installing the protectors was mixed. The edge cuts on the cover is so precise that if you’re slightly off, as I was when applying it to my iPod Touch, you’ll eventually notice.

In my case, I missed on the alignment of the back and had a slight tab not completely adhere. I plan to trim it off with an hobby knife. What’s totally cool though, the adhesive is very strong, and that ‘lifted tab’ did not lift the remainder of the back cover at all. It’s quite tight.

As well, I was initially disappointed with the clarity and transparency of the screen cover skin. Happily, this clears up after about a week or two as the adhesive sets up. I’m very pleased with the way my iDevices look with through the screen covers.


Given that I was rather impressed with the product, I managed to hook up with Michael Herring, the President of the company and bounce a few questions off of him.

BG: The skins market is pretty competitive — what is it about your skin that makes it better than the others?

MH: We take the time to design our kits with the best coverage possible while remaining easy for the customer to apply. Not just something that’s easy for us to manufacture. I still have a hand in designing every skin. We also have a track record of having some of the best customer service and we do it all while offering one of the most affordable options in the market.

BG: On the website about page we learn a bit about your philosophy about quality and pricing, especially in light of competitor pricing. What drove you to choose to compete in David vs Goliath style?

MH: We were fortunate enough to get our start early and make a name for ourselves. That being said, we’ve always felt if we simply offered a good product for a fair price and took care of our customers then there would always room for a company like ours.

BG: Looking forward, any insights on new skins for hardware leading up to the holiday buying season?

MH: We always like seeing new Apple products and Android phones but were really looking forward to the new Blackberry PlayBook. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be here in time for the holidays.  We’re still waiting for something exciting from RIM since the torch was a bit of a let down.

BG: Any secrets or special tips you’d like to add regarding skin application and maintenance?

MH: Patience is the key to a good application. I’ll be the first to admit the application isn’t as easy as your average screen protector but the final result is also much clearer and tougher.  Cleaning is best done with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.
Yes, there are many skins and covers for your digital devices, many more expensive too. But in my humble opinion, for the price, these are pretty good skins, perhaps the Best Skins Ever :smileyhappy:

Oh, and if you follow @bestskinsever on Twitter, you’ll often see discount codes offered around the weekend.

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