EarliĀ­er this week I found an eBook over on ZenĀ­HabĀ­its. The book looks interĀ­estĀ­ing and Iā€™m lookĀ­ing forĀ­ward to givĀ­ing it a read, but the think that caught my eye was the busiĀ­ness modĀ­el; you can get the book for free. The whole book, as a downĀ­loadĀ­able eBook. Free.

Now, there is a PremiĀ­um verĀ­sion of the eBook availĀ­able that includes a lot more interĀ­estĀ­ing lookĀ­ing conĀ­tent.

This busiĀ­ness modĀ­el reminds me of  ā€˜DirĀ­ectĀ­orā€™s Cutā€™ DVDs. You get the basic movie, the DirĀ­ectĀ­orā€™s cut, the out-takes, the concept art, maybe a makĀ­ing-of video, and dirĀ­ectĀ­or comĀ­mentĀ­ary, over and above the basic movie.

ConĀ­tent youā€™re payĀ­ing a premiĀ­um for.

So, this 27 chapter eBook is free, and the premiĀ­um stuff looks like it might be worth payĀ­ing for, if you think itā€™ll add value to the basic conĀ­tent in the eBook.

Well, Iā€™m going to bite, and give it a read. Itā€™s free. It may (or may not) entice me into checkĀ­ing out the premiĀ­um verĀ­sion, but at the very least, Iā€™ll get some ideas. And hopeĀ­fully learn something.

And try and figĀ­ure out how this busiĀ­ness modĀ­el really makes sense.

1. All 27 chapters of the free ebook
Along with a crapĀ­load of extra material ā€¦

2. How-to videos
Going into more depth on focus-related topics:

  • How to Single-task
  • BeatĀ­ing the Fears of Disconnecting
  • How to Find StillĀ­ness & Disconnect
  • Focus & Health, Part 1: eatĀ­ing healthy and getĀ­ting active
  • Focus & Health, Part 2: sleep and stress

3. Audio interĀ­views with experts

4. Bonus chapters from Leo

  • creĀ­ativĀ­ity and pracĀ­tiĀ­cing deep focus
  • findĀ­ing stillĀ­ness and reflection
  • how to start changes on a broadĀ­er level

5. Bonus chapters from othĀ­er writers

6. Bonus PDF guides

  • How to creĀ­ate new habits
  • Quick-start declutĀ­terĀ­ing guide
  • Focused email guide