The Steve Jobs Way

Tomor­row Apple will likely announce a new look and feel for the Mac­Book Air and an update (per­haps sig­ni­fic­ant) to their flag­ship oper­at­ing sys­tem, OSX. And once again, the real­ity dis­tor­tion field sur­round­ing Steve Jobs’ present­a­tions will be set to full power. It’ll be an inter­est­ing day, I’m sure. Espe­cially since Steve ripped into Google, RIM,  and smal­ler-sized tab­let com­puters in an earn­ings call earli­er this week.

Coin­cid­ent­ally, last week Bloomberg released a good, detailed epis­ode of Game Changers focus­ing on Steve Jobs.

Through inter­views with friends, former col­leagues and busi­ness asso­ci­ates, GAME CHANGERS reveals the many lay­ers of the intensely private Steve Jobs — his style of lead­er­ship, man­age­ment and cre­at­ive pro­cess. Inter­views include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former Apple CEO John Scully, journ­al­ist turned Ven­ture Cap­it­al­ist Michael Mor­itz, Dream­works CEO Jef­frey Katzen­berg, former Apple “Mac Evan­gel­ist” and Sil­ic­on Val­ley Entre­pren­eur, Guy Kawa­saki and Robert X.Cringely, tech­no­logy journ­al­ist and former Apple employ­ee.

Also coin­cid­ent­ally, former “Mac Evan­gel­ist” Guy Kawa­saki re-released (for free) his 20yr. old insight into a par­tic­u­lar peri­od in Apple’s life titled The Macin­tosh Way.

The Macin­tosh Way is the first book that Guy Kawa­saki wrote. Guy recently got the rights back for the book, and he’s offer­ing it free to people who fol­low @GuyKawasaki on Twit­ter.

So, it seems that this is a good week to brush up on your Steve Jobs / Apple Know­ledge — for free! Now just need to dust off my copy of iWoz and my week will be com­plete.

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack