Desktop, mobile or web app?

Twit­ter is in the midst of rolling out it’s new, all-encom­passing inter­face, and I’ve been able to take a look at it in ‘pre­view’ mode.


My ver­dict: quite nice, but it won’t replace desktop twit­ter apps for me, just yet. Tweet­deck and See­smic Desktop both offer great­er func­tion­al­ity than the new Twit­ter inter­face.

Though I’ve not delved into every nook and cranny of the new Twit­ter look, the one short­fall that imme­di­ately came appar­ent was the way con­tent is presen­ted. I like the multi-pane look of Tweet­deck, and really enjoy being able to scan-at-a-glance all the con­tent com­ing in through vari­ous filtered streams.


The Twit­ter web inter­face just doesn’t offer that. If you’re inter­ested in more of what the new Twit­ter inter­face has to offer, read on to the bot­tom; I’ve inser­ted the ‘offi­cial’ video there for your review :smileyhappy:

Mov­ing to mobile, Twit­ter cer­tainly has raised the bar on the iPad app — it blows everything else I’ve used on the iPad out of the water!


For me, the coolest fea­ture is the integ­rated web view of any web­site or photo links embed­ded in tweets. Someone spent some time think­ing about how people will want to use Twit­ter on the iPad. Essen­tial.

But that’s just me. If you’ve got access to the new Twit­ter inter­face, what do you think? And how ‘bout mobile? Are you a Tweet­Deck-every­where type of user, or do you mix and match? Let us know what and why in the com­ments!

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